The Agra is a pioneer in the Indian cuisine industry, our flavours are a combination of subtle tastes, flavours are varied and are as exotic as the people of India. Fragrant premium quality ingredients, pungent and warm spices from the three countries of the continent, our dishes are delicately blended and slow cooked which creates its own distinctive flavour and aroma. This blending and preparation of spices is a centuries old craft and indispensable to the Indian cuisine.

The Agra has built a loyal customer base over the past 40 years, with exemplary reviews online. A family run business, we genuinely have a love for food and insist on only using the best ingredients. A fantastic service treating customers how we would treat guests at our home.

Our traditional tandoori clay oven gives our dishes a authentic taste and flavour, steaming out the barbeque, dishes come direct to you on a sizzler, piping hot, grilled onions, an aroma that can fill your soul. Also priding ourselves in being a specialist in Vegetarian dishes, using only fresh vegetables and premium quality spices, our vegetarian dishes do not disappoint (vegan can be prepared upon request).

Here at The Agra, we focus on each of our customers individually, fulfilling their requests, engaging in conversation, and providing exceptional service, from the moment they enter till the moment they leave.

We have recently had a refurbishment after 20 odd years, however still managed to make the place look traditional, authentic, and modern.

Come and enjoy your night with us, with a stylish bar, dessert menu, cozy home-style feel, brand-new slick bathrooms, The Agra does not disappoint.